Sol Survivor is a fast-paced bullet-hell, roguelite-inspried survivor type game. Fight wave after wave of enemies in Space. Use gravity to your advantage. Choose your upgrades and powerups wisely and become all-powerfull and unstoppable!

Use Arrow Keys (Up/Left/Right) or W/A/D to move.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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I enjoy the game! The upgrades are particularly fun to play with. I think the movement is a little confusing though, probably due to the pull force of the planets feeling a little random (are they timed? what are their area of effect? do they hurt me too?)
I feel like if you had a invisibility for 1 second or less, after the player is hit, would make it a bit more fun as it will give the player time to respond.

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Hey, I think it's a great game, it has a lot of potential! 

The controls are a bit weird for me because only having the possibility of moving forward makes it much harder to escape the gravity of the planets, and I didn't get what changed with the upgrades, it seems I can only have one upgrade at a time?

Also, what does that green "drone" does?

Hi there,

Thanks for the feedback and kind words.

At the moment, you can only have one upgrade at a time. You are not the first person to point out the limitations around that so expect that to change in the next version :-)

The green "drone" kills enemies when you upgrade it - it's called the Chmmr. You can also upgrade it in the upgrade screen there, try it out!

On the movement, I am considering adding a reverse thruster in the next release as well, will let you know when it's available!


Hey thanks for your reply.

I'll be waiting for the update!

hey there! try the new version:

Notice the name / URL change - Sol Survivor is already taken and well known so it's now Solar Survivor. Hope you like the new updates!


I hope you enjoy the game. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!